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Reasons Why You Need Illustrations

Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

In this article I want to discuss a few reasons why you may need illustrations for your business and why illustrations can be better than photographs and video.

If you are running a business you are very likely to need custom illustrations to be designed for various business purposes. Here are a few reasons why you may need illustrations and why illustrations are important in our life.

Conveying a message. Use illustrations if you want to convey an idea which is difficult to express or it would take a lot of time to explain and describe what you mean. The human brain functions in such a way that it perceives visual information more quickly, fully and holds it longer in the memory. Even when reading a book most people draw a kind of illustrations inside their heads using imaginations. Sometimes we need to convey messages which importance does now allow relying only on imagination but needs crisp and concrete visual representation. These are various technological advanced illustrations, sketches, flowcharts etc. it can also be useful for people with little attention span and for those with hearing disabilities.

Education. Illustrations and various kinds of images are used for education purposes from the very beginning of human’s life. A child begins perception of the around world as a number of objects since babies can think only non-abstractly. That is the reason why illustrations are used to educate children and to develop their imagination. That is why it is important to have good illustrations for children’s books. Illustrations help children associate words with objects and sentences with illustrated actions and what is important illustrations designed for children’s book are purposed to fascinate children with reading.

But, certainly, this is not the case with only children. Illustrations are widely used for teaching people of all ages foreign languages, for presentation of complicated scientific, engineering concepts etc. illustrations are needed for all kinds of instructional literature for better understanding of the material.

Advertising and Attracting Attention. Even if a person is not interested in the product you advertise at first, when he/she eventually comes to buying the product, he/she chooses the one he/she saw being advertised somewhere rather than similar products of your competitors who failed to advertise their goods properly. And this is especially important if you are launching a new product or company and trying to build brand awareness. Using visual presentations is a must in this case as visual information is better to remember.

Today people spend more time in the Internet activating their visual perception and that is why a presentation of an advertised product by means of various kinds of illustrations is not only one of the cheapest way to advertise online but also one of the most effective. You can also use video and photographs for advertising purposes, but illustrations, however, have a few important advantages over other types of visual advertisement, at least on the web, and namely:

  • Illustrations are mostly GIF or JPEG formats and are visible at once when a web page is loaded, unless images are disabled in the user’s browser, unlike embedded videos which require turning on and if triggered automatically are irritating and annoying;
  • Illustrations allow implementing almost any idea and this implementation is limited only by client’s and illustrator’s fantasy which is not the case with both photo and video advertising as brining into life certain ideas requires bigger budgets and longer time here;
  • Illustrations give possibility to easily represent something which is quite difficult or impossible to film or to photograph (e.g. biological process, extremely small objects, non-existent in real life or deliberately exaggerated objects etc.);
  • illustrations are easier to customize, modify, change, seamlessly add or remove elements;
  • illustrations can be previewed in preliminary sketches before the final illustration is done;
  • high quality illustration requires less expensive equipment than a high-quality photograph or video;
  • illustrations do not necessarily require models and can be done with participation of a single person;
  • Illustrations can be more easily adjusted for printing and using in other media.

Furthermore, illustrations (just as well as photographs) can be used to draw attention to certain information. Illustration is something a person sees first even before reading the text which is next to the illustration. Very often presence of illustrations determines whether a text will be noticed and read. Likewise, a good book cover illustration can determine the general success of the book, unless you are a well known writer who does not even need an illustration on his/her book cover to be noticed and purchased.

If you are looking for talented and experienced illustrators to create custom affordable illustrations for any purpose, your having found our website means that you are in a right place now. Our team of illustrators and graphic designers are at your disposal to bring to life any your idea regarding visual arts which you think you need for your business. Please, feel free to contact us with your illustration project and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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